So, a year has passed

Reading about where you were at in a different place during a different point in time is always going to be a little bit jarring, edifying and maybe a little bit cringe? But try and be generous to yourself, if you can manage it!

It's still a pandemic, but as we've come to learn

things change daily, 

and many days have since come and gone.

Since concluding the first iteration of this project in the summer of last year i've since:

- went from living with roommates to (willingly) living alone.

- alongside my immediate family, been vaccinated, a distant fantasy to an early pandemic me.

- been able to see my immediate family more because of this ^

- visited my Scarborough home to mourn the death of my grandmother alongside my family. (As you can imagine, this was difficult for us, especially considering the context of this project.)

These days I maintain a healthy balance between hopeful and realistic. I try not to take chances anymore, but am somehow still attempting to let accumulated knowledge inform leaps of faith whenever I need to take them.

This pragmatism is warranted.

As are these revisions and additions. 

Thank you for checking in!