I remember being in the backseat of our uncle’s van with the entire family in tow, winding through the mountains of Baguio city, with the cliffside view of the landscape right outside of the window.


I remember feeling so inconsolably angry, arms crossed, decidedly looking in the opposite direction from the view outside; upset to be taken away from the farm, as if my parents had ripped me away forever instead of a day long excursion. During that trip I never wanted to do anything or go anywhere; All I ever wanted to do was stay at home with the cousins. I always get so frustrated thinking about it.


Proximity to place with the lack of knowledge of how important those sights were to see, I guess? Lack of foresight. The regret that comes with growing older, kind of feels like a missed opportunity.


Well I understand where the desire came from. We had such limited time to spend with them and you wanted to prioritize that.

I don’t see that as a missed opportunity


Ya but we still grew apart


How old were you when the last time we went home?




I really has been that long hasn’t it