Recipes for Adobo, Beef Nilaga and “Fried Kadiri”


Nobody in my family knows the exact proportions of ingredients but if I

someone who is not a good cook

can figure it out you'll be fine ♥

Verified by mom and dad

this is how I’ve interpreted the directions they’ve given me 

which again isn’t very specific 



Pork Adobo

All the sites say to add vinegar and Ben and I couldn’t figure out how my father’s pork adobo masks the vinegar taste so well

and he just told me that he doesn’t use vinegar



You could make adobo using any meat


2 table spoons of oyster sauce

Soy sauce 

Salt + pepper to taste


Garlic (minced)


Don’t marinate, just go right to the sautéing



Boil beef ribs till it’s soft

Once soft, add onion and potatoes, quartered 

Saute Cabbage (Feel free to add bok choy or any leafy greens)

Use boiled water to make sabaw but scoop the bubbles out periodically.

Add big ground pepper and salt to taste


Sinigang is basically the same but has lemon instead of pepper


Fried “Kadiri

Ate cooked this a few times for us in the Philippines. Originally it was just garlic and rice, but this recipe is an amalgamation of  how she makes it, how I make it and how my mom makes it.


Cook rice

Cut the spam into cubes and fry them

Chop vegetables and fry them alongside spam

Crush garlic and fry them alongside spam and vegetables

Scramble 3 eggs and fry them alongside spam, vegetables, and garlic

Add salt and garlic powder

Add in rice

Add in 1 table spoon of salted butter or margarine. Or however much you want

The saltier it is the more nostalgic it is 

For me at least